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Huaniu Apple introduction:
The average fruit weight 260g. Soluble solids content is 12.5-14%. Peeled Flesh pressure is 6.5kg /c㎡. Huaniu Fruit shape is cylindrical and conical; surface is full red or dark red, bright color; coloration is 90-100% of blush red or stripe red. Fruit shape is uniform and surface is smooth and clean. Fruit bottom has five edges prominent. Flesh is yellowish-white, dense, crisp, juice, unique flavor, strong aroma, great taste good.
Huaniu Apple Harvesting and Storage.
Harvest: late August to early October; the soluble solids content is 12.5% plus at harvest.
Storage: Harvest timely pre-cooling; storage ≤ 15 days at normal temperature storage, CA storage ≤ 240 days.

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