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Huasheng Fruit Company is identified as one of the China National Leading Enterprises in Agri-industrialization and National Agricultural Exports Demonstration Enterprises.
Huasheng Fruit is a subsidiary of Huasheng Group Corp. With the total investment of 350 million RMB, Huasheng Fruit possesses state of the art facilities and equipment including two Controlled Atmosphere warehouse with capacity of 40 thousand tons; two set of auto photoelectric sorting lines with annual production ability of 50 thousand tons fresh apple.
Huasheng Fruit Company is composed by three main parts: Yan’anHuasheng Sannong Science and Technology Service Company, Huasheng Domestic Marketing Company, and Huasheng Xi’an Processing Factory. These three brother companies work together functionally formedHuasheng Fruit’s unique developing model of “One Factory plus two networks”. Two networks means orchard base network and marketing network. Under this model, Huasheng has adequate direct material sourcing ability, strong processing ability and powerful domestic marketing ability.
Huasheng Fruit has devoted itself to assisting local Shaanxi farmers to improve orchard management skill in last 15 years by put in lots of manpower, material resources and financial resources. This effort has also improved farmers’ sense of fresh apple commercialization. Shaanxi fresh apple commodity rate has been raised dramatically during last 15 years, as well as famers’ income.
After years of efforts, Huasheng Fruit has acquired many important certifications and become the leading fresh apple supplier in both domestic and international fresh fruit market. These certifications include ISO9001:2008, HACCP, GLOBAL GAP, TNC and BRC. This achievement has laid a solid foundation for Shaanxi fresh apples entering international high-end markets.
Huasheng has successfully exported our delicious Shaanxi Apple to more than 60 countries and regions including Europe, North America, South America, Southeast Asia, Russia and etc. Our HUASH brand FUJI appleis especially favored by consumers in UK, Canada and Mexico.“To introduce the delicious Shaanxi apples to the world” has becomeHuashengFruits’s mission since the very first day.

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