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Yan’an Huasheng Sannong Technology Service Co., Ltd. is the subsidiary company of Huasheng Group Corp. It is a comprehensive agricultural service company, which focus its business on fresh apple sourcing, orchard management services and agricultural supply services. The purpose is to enhance fruit commodities, fruit quality, food safety, as well as framers income through guiding growers by modern cultivation skills and scientific orchard management techniques.
Based on the business development needs, Huasheng Sannong Company has established six terminals, 87 township-level service stations. The company has 810 Employees including 90 technicians and grassroots staff 720. The business has covered six counties and one region (Luochuan, Fuxian, Yichuan, Huangling, Huanglong, extend, Baota District) in northern Shaanxi. Over the years through the apple procurement, agricultural services, agricultural supplies services, Huasheng has helped to raise fruit commodity rate, to increase farmer’s income, and to promote local economy increase and fresh apple industry development.

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